Monday, 3 March 2014

Chicken Karaage@Japanese Fried Chicken 日式炸鸡


Japanese Fried Chicken or better known as Chicken Karaage is my family favourite dish.  We usually order it in the Japanese restaurant but never try to make it at home before.  Recently I have harvested some cherry tomatoes from my backyard & when I had finally collected 27 of these little tomatoes, I decided to make a dish of <Chicken Karaage Salad with Sesame Salad Dressing> which I’m going to share in my next posting.



I used Nami@Just One Cookbook’s recipe to make this Karaage & according to her, using potato starch for coating can bring out the crispiness of the chicken more than just using the corn starch.

用了Nami@Just One Cookbook的食谱。根据她的说法,马铃薯粉比起全玉米粉更能炸出香脆的鸡肉。乘热时就要吃这道炸鸡,不然就不脆了。

Chicken Karaage
(Recipe Source: Nami@Just One Cookbook with Minor Adjustments)
Serves 3-4

4 Boneless Chicken Thigh, skin on
1/2cup Potato Starch
1/2cup Corn Starch
Vegetable Oil, for deep frying

1 Inch Ginger, finely grated
8 Garlic Cloves, finely grated
2tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1.5tbsp Cooking Sake
2tsp Sesame Oil
1.5tsp Brown Sugar
Some Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Some Himalayan Pink Salt

1. Cut chicken thigh into small pieces. Pat dry.
2. Marinate chicken with the seasonings & refrigerate for at least an hour.
3. In a bowl, mix potato & corn starch together.
4. Heat up oil over medium-high until a wooden chopstick is placed into the center of the pan, small bubbles will show up instantly around the chopstick.
5. Fry chicken in small batches until light golden. Place chicken on a wire rack to drip off the excess oil.
6. Heat up the oil again, fry chicken for a second time in small batches until golden colour. 
7. Drip off excess oil on a wire rack. Serve immediately either with mayonnaise or using them to make a salad.