Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fresh Coconut Jelly 新鲜椰子果冻

When I was young, mum loved to make coconut cream & brown sugar jelly for me and the shape of the jelly was always in either square or rectangle.  For a  reason, mum has stopped making jelly since I started high school & if my memory serves me right, I haven’t had this jelly for over 20 years.


I have seen a few friends posted their coconut jelly recipes in the past and this has inspired me to make my own using some fresh coconut water that I bought from a local supermarket.  A fresh coconut is selling for $2-$3 in Sydney & they are mainly imported from Thailand.  From my experience, each coconut yields about 350ml – 400ml of coconut water and the flesh is normally considered “soft” to eat. 

初次在Aunty Young的家看到一些圆圆的椰子果冻就留下了深刻的印象,告诉自己也要做些来吃。就这样便跑去超级市场买了一粒新鲜的椰子回来,做了这道<新鲜椰子果冻>。它们像不像特大的露珠?

I use this ice ball tray to shape my jellies.  I have seen this mold being sold in Daiso, Chatswood last year but I’m not sure whether they are still available now. 


PS: Special thanks to my girlfriend from Melbourne who bought me a set of timber coasters. I love them so much!