Monday, 2 September 2013

Piggy Mooncakes 小猪猪传统月饼


This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 19th Sep but since I will be taking a blog break soon, I want to try some mooncake recipes before the break starts. I eyed on this <Piggy Mooncakes> when I first saw them from my very respected friend, Ann@Anncoo Journal’s blog so this year, I told myself that I must give it a try!  Do you like my chubby piggies? As you can see, my “youngest” is still on bottle, haha!

My 2nd & youngest were having a great bath time!

虽然做月饼的皮只有四种食材,但是我却有很多疑问,谢谢AnnLi Shuan很有耐心的帮我解答我的问题,让我家的小胖猪可以顺利出炉。

I want to thank Ann & Li Shuan again for answering all my queries about making these Piggy Mooncakes. Without them, I won’t be able to make them successfully!

Piggy Mooncakes
(Recipe Source: Ann@AnncooJournal with Minor Adjustment)
Makes 5

Dough Ingredients:
150g Plain Flour
90g Golden Syrup
3g Alkaline Water@Lye Water, available in Chinese Grocery Shop
38g Vegetable Oil

3 x 60g Lotus Paste, store bought. Available in Chinese Grocery Shop – Roll into balls
2 x 60g Taro Paste, store bought. Available in Chinese Grocery Shop – Roll into balls

1 x Round 1/4tsp
1 Skewer
1 Toothpick
A Small Plastic Sheet
10 Black Beans, rinsed & pat dry

Egg Wash:
(Recipe Source:Christine’s Recipes with Minor Adjustments)

1 Egg Yolk + 2tbsp Egg Whites + 2tsp Water

Mix all, then, pass through a fine strainer.

1. Please click here to view the steps of making the piggy mooncakes. Ann has provided a very detailed slide show on her blog.

Rest the dough for 40 minutes

Ready to send into the oven

2. To bake, place the piggy mooncakes on a lined baking tray. Bake in the 160C preheated oven(at lower middle level) for 8 minutes.

After 1st bake

3. Remove & let to cool down for 10 minutes. Reduce the oven to 150C.

4. After the break, continue to bake for 5 minutes. Remove again to cool down for 8-10 minutes.

5. Brush with egg wash & bake for 3 minutes. Remove immediately.

Final Bake

6. Cool down completely before storing in an air-tight container. Wait for at least 24 hours before consume to allow the mooncakes to become “soft.” They look better after 24 hours.

1.  Every oven will react differently. I notice that my mooncakes are best baked for not more than 3 minutes after brushing with eggwash or the “skin” will become uneven colour.

2. I made 3 with lotus paste filling & 2 with taro paste filling.