Monday, 21 January 2013

鸡蛋糕 Kuih Bahulu



This is my second year of baking for Chinese New Year! It’s a bit shame to tell you that I have only started in baking(seriously) in less than 2 years ago and I hope that this isn’t too late for a nearly 40-year old woman like me to pick up such interest, hahaha!

Last year, I baked Kuih Bahulu and this year, I baked Kuih Bahulu again, reason is in my memory of the celebration of CNY in Malaysia, it is something that I must have during this special festival! 

Homemade Kuih Bahulu are best to be eaten when they are freshly out of the oven as the outer layer is crispy and the cake is soft.  Once they have cooled down, they are a bit dry and I prefer to heat up these little cakes in the microwave for a few seconds(each cake about 5-6 seconds in the microwave) so they will become soft again. Alternatively, I will dip them in the milo/coffee.

连续两年都收到了Angie@My Mum’s Cake House寄来的贺年卡,再次谢谢她!每一年的这个时候,她是特别地忙!希望她忙得开心,年饼定单可以破去年的纪录!

For 2 consecutive years, Angie@My Mum’s Cake House has sent me a Chinese New Year greeting card. Thanks to her again! Every year, this is the busiest time for her, hopefully her biscuit business can break last year’s record!

Kuih Bahulu
Recipe Source: Joceline@Butter, Flour and Me who uses the recipe of《最想吃的。。。街坊美食》
Makes about 42


PS: Thanks to the special one who gave me this floral fabric!