Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mango Coffee Almond Cupcakes 咖啡芒果杏仁小蛋糕(Part I)

在我的Cooklist里收藏了两个很相似的<咖啡杏仁蛋糕>食谱,一个是在八月时,从鲸鱼的家带回来的,而另一个是十一月初在Ann@Anncoo Journal的家看到的,上个星期把两个食谱都试做了!你可能会好奇,不是说了是相似的食谱吗,为什麽这麽麻烦要做两次?原因是她们两人都是我喜爱的博友,在看到她们的咖啡蛋糕时,我两个都喜欢,所以就做了两次!由於是先看到鲸鱼的食谱,再加上她快要飞啦,所以就先上她的食谱,然後才上Ann的,Ann应该不会介意吧?
There are 2 <Coffee Almond Cake> recipes in my cook list which I’ve tried on last week. The 1st recipe was found in 鲸鱼’s place back in Aug whereas the 2nd one was found in Ann@Anncoo Journal’s place in early Nov.  

It is mango season now, the best time of the year to eat them. Once the season is over, we have to wait for a long time for cheap mangoes again!

My personal experience is that these mini cakes took quite a long time to bake through the top middle parts. Is it due to the high content of butter? Luckily for twice the bakings, I made them in mini sizes.

Mango Coffee Almond Cupcakes 
(Recipe Source: 鲸鱼蓝蓝小窝居 who uses recipe of Alex Goh with minor adjustments)

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